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JJM Custom Apparel Manufacturing (formerly JJM Sportswear) has been providing quality, cost competitive apparel, accessories and headwear for niche brands & private label clients for over thirty years. With JJM as your supply chain partner, you don’t need to validate, onboard or travel to inspect suppliers. Our Shanghai and Canadian apparel teams handle all the details. It’s our key advantage. We make your overseas manufacturing experience easy and stress-free.

How to improve supply chain resilience

It’s not your imagination. More factors are disrupting the apparel supply chain NOW than ever. The pandemic has underscored how vulnerable the apparel industry is to uncontrollable events. Supply chain fallouts from COVID, economic uncertainty, climate change, demographics and geopolitics are causing apparel executives to re-look at who, how and where their clothing is manufactured.

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Overhead image of cargo ship

What’s impacting apparel imports in 2021?

Back in January 2020, JJM’s Shanghai office told us about a strange virus impacting production in certain areas of China. We couldn’t have predicted the disruptions about to occur. Now with “that year” behind us all, what will the retail supply chain look like in 2021? We’ve unpacked 4 logistic concerns impacting apparel imports in Q1, 2021.

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