Quality Custom Garment Manufacturing At A Price You Can Afford

Need a top-notch garment manufacturing company to start your own line of custom clothing? We’ve built our reputation on doing this successfully since 1989. From conception and design to development, sampling, manufacturing and distribution, our team of specialists will turn your ideas into the product you envisioned and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Unsurpassed Quality

Quality control is our greatest priority. As a global leader in the industry, JJM Manufacturing consistently produces a full range of high quality custom designed apparel, headwear and accessories for our discerning clientele. Our specialized knowledge of the latest market trends in fabrications, styling and embellishment techniques has allowed us to grow strategically with our customers and maintain compliance with the highest standards of quality assurance.

Brand Recognition

Having a recognizable brand is vital moving to the forefront of your industry, but with an increasingly competitive global market, standing out has become an increasingly challenging task. Trust our vertically-integrated solutions to provide you with the expert guidance and management you need through all stages of development, garment manufacturing, and distribution.

Global Advantage

We want to save you time. In an increasingly competitive global market, our “direct to retail” standardized business model has resulted in unsurpassed quality control at every
stage of the garment manufacturing process while eliminating the need for costly third party agents. Our reliable factory network spans throughout Asia to better serve you, concentrating in China where our production office is located in Shanghai. Our extensive knowledge of international import and export requirements and our ability to ship worldwide ensures problem-free delivery and distribution of your product, quickly and efficiently.

As a vertically-integrated supplier of custom designed private label apparel and branded products, we’re able to consistently take care of our customer’s needs from start to finish. Our centralized production and development team in China allows us to allocate orders to manufacturing facilities and partners based on specific product specialization and available manufacturing capacity, thereby maximizing production efficiency and cutting down on turnaround times, so your product arrives on your doorstep even faster. Complete program management means we’ll oversee all aspects of product development and sampling, production planning, sourcing of innovative fabrics and embellishments, garment manufacturing and assembly, and delivery and distribution. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and experienced team of specialists on board, you can always expect superior quality of workmanship at competitive price points.

Social Compliance

JJM Manufacturing is socially committed to taking a shared, global and sustainable approach to the garment manufacturing process. We believe in fostering ethical business relationships based on mutual respect and responsible operating standards which serve to protect workers’ rights, so you have the same peace of mind as we do when you choose to do business with us.

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