Custom Apparel
We help brands create great
product to help achieve success
From concept to finished
production. We help you
with your production goals
Custom caps and
knit toques
Custom caps and
knit toques
Wide range of
accessory manufacturing

We are a full service,
end-to-end solution
for product development
and fulfillment.

At JJM we custom tailor our programs to suit your unique needs.

We pride ourselves on being a top-notch, reliable supply chain. We’ve built our solid reputation by consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations, serving our community and clients since 1989. Our experience always delivers.

From conception and design to product development, sampling, manufacturing and distribution, our team of experienced specialists will help bring your product vision to life — and deliver it right to your doorstep too!

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Custom Apparel Manufacturing

We build product to match your brand vision

With decades of experience, we make it so easy!

Apparel &

Let us help you build your Private Label Program

Build your brand and increase margins.

Built with your customer in mind

From fabric and functionality to manufacturing, our team of specialists can help.

Cut and sew custom

Over 30 years of industry experience in the apparel & accessory business

We become part of your team to help bring your brand to the public.

Your success is a reflection on us and the quality of the product we source and make.

Learn about the process of bringing a product to life

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